Murdoch Murdoch on JudenTuben

These are FAF–watch ’em all:


A Dank May-May?

i don't speak Walmart


Oh? Really? Well, if I set it up somehow, will it be dank?

Maybe? Ok, here …

This dindu grunted something at the fashy man. The fashy man said:

i don't speak Walmart

Altright on Reddit

Altright on Reddit

So the Altright is now on Reddit.

Click here to find out that I didn’t make this up.

I’m going there to practice my (((echo))) location.

Hey, that would make me a (((dolphin))).

That’s not good.

Or true. I’m 100% Bavarian phenotype.


What’ve dolphins got to do with anything?

Do I look like Wikipedia?

Go ask the goys at The Daily Shoah.